Tomás Saraceno, 163000 Light Years
Saturday 2 December 2017 ore 11:30 - 13:00

Spacetime at the intersection of science and art.Tomás Saraceno and Giovanni Amelino-Camelia

MAXXI Auditorium – admission free subject to availability courtesy of Enel, main partner.
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The artist Tomás Saraceno in conversation with the physicist Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, on the occasion of the exhibition Gravity. Imaging the Universe after Einstein

At the beginning of the last century, Einstein demonstrated that space was not a static container, that no clock was capable of marking universal time, a time the same for everyone. Each physical event occupies a space and a time that is relative to its observer, and it is our velocity that determines the parameters and the clock with which we measure the world. Space and time, moreover, are intertwined and form a sort of arena that is the basis for all cosmic events: spacetime.
Starting with his video work 163.000 Light Years, in which a static shot of a starry sky is nothing more than a crystallised image of a past that, as a result of the speed of light, seems to be our present, Tomás Saraceno, the exhibition’s principal artist, and Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, one of the world’s most famous theoretical physicists, lead us into the invisible tapestry of cosmic relationships that make up the Universe.

Introduced by
Giovanna Melandri President, Fondazione MAXXI

Tomás Saraceno artist
Giovanni Amelino-Camelia physicist

Moderated by
Luigia Lonardelli curator, MAXXI

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