Tuesday 27 March 2018 ore 19:00 - 20:30

The taste of the Universe. A cosmic story in three coursesCristina Bowerman, Fernando Ferroni and Neri Marcorè

MAXXI Auditorium – admission € 15
€ 12 for myMAXXI cardholders.

A semi-serious show built around the innovative pairing of haute cuisine with the great issues of contemporary physics.

A dialogue, with videos, images and animations, between a physicist with a passion for cooking and a chef curious about science, around what we know and what we don’t know about our universe. All seasoned with the irony of an exception presenter, Neri Marcoré.

How did the universe take shape? What Is the matter we can’t see made of? Who produces the gravitational waves that were discovered recently and which now allow us to look at the universe with new eyes? These are just a few of the great questions of contemporary physics that our protagonists will tackle, starting out with the culinary inventions of the Michelin-starred chef Cristina Bowerman. During the evening you will be able to watch the preparation of three dishes, inspired by issues such as dark matter, space-time and the Big Bang, while enjoying between one course and the next the stories about the universe told by the president of the INFN, Fernando Ferroni.

Vittorio Bo publisher

Cristina Bowerman chef
Fernando Ferroni President of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics
Neri Marcorè, actor, comedian, impersonator, voice-over actor and television presenter

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