Saturday 3 March 2018 ore 17:30 - 19:00

Film Screening.Biografia della Terra | Il ragazzo elettronico

MAXXI Auditorium – admission free subject to availability of places

The mysteries of modern science explained in clear, accessible manner

A marathon of documentary films from the National Geographic library, on the occasion of the exhibition Gravity. Imaging the universe after Einstein.

ore 17:00
Biografia della Terra, 45’
A voyage back in time to explore the paleogeography of the earth and its impact on the development of life on the planet. From the great Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event that left small mammals as the dominant species on the earth to the formation of the Mediterranean Sea due to the breaching of the natural dam at the Strait of Gibraltar. From the history of the geological movements of our planet we shall be able to predict the future changes to the dry land and suggest what might be the next great extinction event.

ore 18:15
Il ragazzo elettronico, 45’
Ours is a hyper-technological world in which communication between human beings passes through instantaneous electronic stimuli and the exploration of the universe takes place through the use of “robotic emissaries” such as spaceships. This world is the offspring of a man whose genius was recognised by none other than Albert Einstein: Michael Faraday. Son of the poverty of the 19th century, Faraday invented the first electric motor and the first generator, theorised the fundamental laws of electromagnetism and the existence of magnetic fields around the earth. His discoveries helped lay the foundations of the science that today guides the principles of modern communications.