Currently on
permanent exhibition

Collezione MAXXI. Lo Spazio dell’Immagine

A renewal at the heart of the museum with a new set- up of the permanent Collection

Currently on
03 April 2019 - 08 September 2019

Paola Pivi. World Record

A captivating site-specific project in which historic works alternate with more recent sculptures and installations.

Currently on
17 April 2019 - 08 September 2019

Paolo Di Paolo. Mondo perduto

A delicate, rigorous and wise recount of an Italy emerging from the ashes of the Second World War.

Currently on
17 April 2019 - 22 March 2020

At Home. Projects for contemporary housing

A review that ranges from the low-cost housing projects of the post-war years to new experimental and sustainable ways of inhabiting the planet

Currently on
11 May 2019 - 01 September 2019

Olivo Barbieri, Paola De Pietri, Petra Noordkamp. Terre in movimento

Three great photographers recount a changing landscape

Currently on
22 May 2019 - 08 September 2019

Al norte de la tormenta. From Robert Rauschenberg to Juan Muñoz

The masterpieces of the IVAM collection.

Currently on
19 June 2019 - 12 January 2020

Maria Lai. Tenendo per mano il sole

A necessary tribute to a great artist who created a language in relational art made of sensitivity, local tradition and global codes.

Currently on
02 July 2019 - 31 December 2019

Alberto Garutti. Ai nati oggi

A public art project set in Rome's Piazza del Popolo to celebrate the universal event of birth, moving a sudden and sincere emotion.

Currently on
07 December 2018 - 29 September 2019

Dentro la Strada Novissima

An insight on 1980 exhibition which started the international debate on post-modern

Currently on
02 April 2019 - 29 September 2019

THE INDEPENDENT. Il Colorificio. Flashing and flashing!

Between real and digital experience, "Flashing and flashing!" expands and re-writes a brand new narration of oneself.

Currently on
03 April 2019 - 22 December 2019

Elisabetta Catalano. Between photography and performance

A new focus presentation of the MAXXI archives this time featuring a great photographer

06 September 2019 - 08 September 2019

Video gallery. Flowers of Taiwan

On the occasion of Asiatica Film Festival, Taiwanese directors and video artists describe a country and its fascinating “flowering” of moving images.

11 September 2019 - 12 January 2020

Shirin Neshat. Matera 2019

Il Polo Museale della Basilicata e il MAXXI, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, presentano due nuove opere video dell’artista iraniana Shirin Neshat.

20 September 2019 - 27 September 2019

Video gallery. Film screening Eduardo Stupía

On the occasion of Eduardo Stupía’s participation in Bienalsur, MAXXI will dedicate a focus to the Argentinian artist and his work "Ulisse es inmigrante. Una fantasía gráfica".

28 September 2019 - 29 September 2019

Video gallery. Film screening Maria Lai

Two days’ worth of screenings to recount, by use of a selection of films and documentaries, the world of Maria Lai, her bond with memory and her cultural roots.

18 October 2019 - 27 October 2019

Valerio Berruti. La giostra di Nina

A cinematographic animation project that starts on paper to transform into a collective and participatory art performance. 

23 October 2019 - 12 January 2020

Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi e altri pensatori

Una ricognizione completa, per raccontare il mondo di Altan tra disegni originali, poster, illustrazioni, quadri, schizzi, tavole, libri e filmati.

17 October 2019 - 26 January 2020

Enzo Cucchi

A focus show dedicated to Enzo Cucchi, one of the leading exponents of the Transavanguardia movement.

17 October 2019 - 08 March 2020

O – della materia spirituale dell’arte

An exhibition dedicated to those artistic paths that seek another dimension, of absolute, between universal, material and immaterial, immanent and transcendent.

07 November 2019 - 26 April 2020

Gio Ponti. Amare l’architettura

40 years on from his death, MAXXI is dedicating a major retrospective to him that studies and presents his versatility, starting out with an account of his architecture.