The production of culture is an art we care every day, experimenting with new instruments and skills.

Designing the contemporary cultural offer and imagining that of the future: take a look at our new advanced training programme.

Advanced training

If like us you are interested in designing the contemporary cultural offer and imagining that of the future, take a look at our new advanced training programme.

Recognising the sharing of knowledge as the key to development has led us to design educational programmes investigating and exploring issues, professions and working environments for which ever-greater expertise is required: from curation to museum education, from exhibition design to digital communications, from the conservation of the contemporary to cultural marketing.

Lectures given by experts in their sectors and case studies will alternate with workshops offering the opportunity to put into practice what has been discussed in the theoretical phase.

MAXXI will select from among the best candidates to respond to an open call the participants for each course, with the objective of creating multidisciplinary groups that bring together and put online the skills and expertise that in the world of work have to cooperate and produce culture together.

2019 Courses

2018 Courses

3-7 december

Art and architecture publishing

How do you put together an exhibition catalogue or an artist’s book? An intensive five-day course providing the essential tools for the production of publishing products, featuring frontal lectures with publishing sector experts and exercises.

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11-13 october

Narrating with photography

This five-day course offers a transverse overview of the world of photography through direct contact with professionals, and different experiences and realities: from public and private interlocutors to an examination of the exhibition system, from the international festivals to the narrative possibilities offered by publishing.

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9-20 luglio


Exhibit is a two-week training course designed to tackle and explore the planning and productive process that go into producing an exhibition. Through frontal lectures with international experts, workshops and simulations, students will develop exhibition production and design projects.

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21-25 may

Digital Think-in Lab

An intensive five-day course devoted to digital skills within the cultural setting with the leading specialists in Italy: lectures will alternate with talks, focus groups and operational phases in which what has been learnt can be put into practice immediately through multi-disciplinary projects.

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19-24 march

Today at Museum. Educate, learn, interpret

An international overview of museum education through direct contact with professionals who have created innovative projects for schools, adolescents and adults.

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2017 Courses