Friday 30 March 2018 ore 18:00 - 19:30

The human in man. Art and Science, notes from a journey.Sonia Bergamasco and Guido Tonelli

MAXXI Auditorium – entry € 5
Free entry for holders of the myMAXXI card, with the possibility to reserve a seat for the first 10 to write to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it before the day prior to the event, until full capacity

A reading and a dialogue on the systems of representation of the world

A few years before his death, Vasilij Grossman wrote a short story entitled The dog. Through the innocent eyes of this creature, he describes the preparations for the realisation of a space mission that produces, as an unexpected side effect, a new kind of connection among the protagonists of this experience. The reading of Grossman’s short story and the dialogue between Sonia Bergamasco and Guido Tonelli – a globally renowned physicist who played a key role in the discovery of the Higgs boson – propose a reflection on the systems of representation of the world through the languages of art and science.

Andrea Zanini Spokesperson of ASI President and co-curator of Gravity exhibition

Sonia Bergamasco actress and director
Guido Tonelli physicist and scholar

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