A familiar and dynamic space, a place for meeting as well as learning

Art historians and architects specialised in Museum and Territory Education, Museology and History of Architecture are ready to take you on a journey through contemporary arts by use of a wide range of activities targeted at different audiences.

We devise learning and playing paths together with children, seniors, casuals, aficionados, students and families, and we provide the instruments that are most suitable for an active and participatory approach to contemporary themes.

Great importance is attached to museum accessibility by means of projects based upon the valuing of differences, such as intercultural programmes, projects involving people with disabilities and collaborations with local health authorities and rehabilitation institutions. This way, the Museum becomes a shared, familiar, dynamic space where to exchange experiences and develop forms of active citizenship.

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Education activities


To receive further information, book and purchase activities please write to
or call 3386419518, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 1.00pm.


Any educational activities organized by third parties at MAXXI, within the museum or in the piazza, should be agreed upon in advance with the Education Department.

An educational workshop where ideas are born

The ground floor of the Museum hosts Edu Lab 1, an experimentally furnished glazed environment whose project is based on the importance of the role of the environment as a “third educator”. This space hosts events and workshops inspired by the ongoing exhibitions all year long.

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Scopri le attività educative e didattiche in programma al Museo.

Advanced Training

Producing culture is a craft that MAXXI hones every day by constantly experimenting with new instruments and competencies. If your ambition is to shape contemporary cultural activities and imagine future ones, find out more about the new advanced training programme.

MAXXI Artwork

MAXXI’s school-work programme has the aim of engaging and guiding students within the framework of an educational and experiential communication project.