Una struttura viva e dinamica, un autentico laboratorio di ricerca

MAXXI Ricerca è un laboratorio che offre al pubblico attrezzature e strumenti all’avanguardia per l’analisi, lo studio e la comprensione dei fenomeni artistici contemporanei.

MAXXI Architettura Archive Centre

The Archive Centre looks after and manages architecture collections and, in the Study Room, offers an opportunity to directly consult documents and databases relating to the 20th and 21st century collections.
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MAXXI Arte Archive Centre

The Contemporary Archive stores, protects and makes available to the public the museum’s collections. Approximately 2000 archive items of various kinds, either on paper or in digital formats, including artists’ portfolios, press releases and reviews, invitations, playbills, pamphlets, posters, photographs, videos and filmed footage, produced either by MAXXI or donated by artists and institutions.

The Photographic Archive came into being as a result of a need to organise a photographic collection. It was created after collecting together all the material that had been produced during events strictly connected to the museum’s activities and to the conservation and usage of documentary sources in the context of the promotion and production of 21st century art

The Archive’s staff carry out research on specific issues, identifying the typology and the quantity of the documents stored, as well as their cataloguing, allowing users to decide whether to consult them on-site.
In order to book a visit to the archives and to use this service, please send an e-mail to:

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