Saturday 17 February 2018 ore 17:30 - 19:00

Film Screening.Nascosti in piena luce | Dove tutto si crea

MAXXI Auditorium – admission free subject to availability of places

The mysteries of modern science explained in clear, accessible manner

A marathon of documentary films from the National Geographic library, on the occasion of the exhibition Gravity. Imaging the universe after Einstein.

17:30 PM
Nascosti in piena luce, 45’
The study of light has played a fundamental role in the history of scientific progress: from the studies of Newton and Herschel into the visible spectrum and infrared rays to Fraunhofer lines, through to the discovery of astronomical spectroscopy, which was to permit scientists to examine the composition of stars and planets as well as observing the movement and expansion of the universe and the hypothesis of dark matter. Can the study of light solve the great hidden mysteries of the universe?

18:15 PM
Dove tutto si crea, 45’
This documentary leads us into the depths, into the heart of nature, analysing the role of atoms in the creation of life and the universe. Starting out from the fundamental atomic structure of protons, neutrons and electrons, we shall discover the origins of the process of nuclear fusion that occurs in many stars and the existence of neutrinos in space deriving from the Big Bang. Through the structure of the atoms, life has left its message for the future…