Saturday 20 January 2018 ore 17:30 - 19:00

Film Screening.Attraverso la Via Lattea | I sopravvissuti

MAXXI Auditorium – admission free subject to availability of places

The mysteries of modern science explained in clear, accessible manner

A marathon of documentary films from the National Geographic library, on the occasion of the exhibition Gravity. Imaging the universe after Einstein.

17:30 PM
Attraverso la Via Lattea, 45’
The Ship of the Imagination sets sail: with no restrictions on speed or dimensions, our vessel can carry its passengers anywhere in the depths of space and beyond time, cradled in the silent harmony of the universe. In this first instalment we’ll be exploring the position of the earth in the universe and taking a step back in time to when Giordano Bruno opened the way to a new vision of the cosmos.

18:15 PM
I sopravvissuti, 45’
Life is a matter of continual transformation. While the wolf was domesticated by man to become his best friend, over the centuries natural selection has modified every living species. What journey has humaskind undertaken in order to survive on the earth? Following the same evolutionary path, might forms of life exist capable of adapting to other planets?