Saturday 21 September 2019, 11:00 - 19:00
Summer at MAXXI.

Living science. For a more sustainable future

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo hall and museum’s galleries – free admittance until full capacity
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A day of scientific dissemination dedicated to the relationship between architecture and science.

On the occasion of Researchers’ Night 2019 and as part of the At Home. Projects for contemporary housing exhibit, MAXXI and Scienzainsieme organize a day where the theme of living acquires transversal dimensions between architecture and science.  

Living does not mean just occupying a space or residing in a place. It is something more intimate that, in addition to responding to a real need for the daily life of human beings, implies an attachment to something that represents us. Living is a social act that contributes to forming the identity of the individual, the places, and the society in which they live.

Scientific research investigates the tools and methods used by man to build his home and the impact this has on the environment and health. In this context, specific studies oriented to the well-being of the citizen and the protection of the environment allow us to develop solutions for more sustainable living. Through a path, partly based on the exhibition and partly on experiences, dedicated to the dissemination of the scientific results of these studies, the researchers of the ScienzaInsieme project tackle the theme of living that, in this case, takes on an entirely new meaning: to inhabit the different forms of science to increase knowledge and understanding of the difficult economic, social and environmental challenges needed to achieve the sustainable development of society.

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“Abitare la scienza” (Living science) is a MAXXI and Scienzainsieme project

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