Friday 29 September 2017, 19:00 - 20:30

L’ arte nel cesso. From Duchamp to Cattelan, the rise and fall of contemporary art

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Contemporary art today, has after exactly a century, reached its end and should give way to a new phase…

In the last of the Histories of Art series, Francesco Bonami reprises the debate launched 10 years ago in the book Lo potevo fare anch’io [I could do that], illustrating why ideas alone, one more revolutionary that the other, are no longer enough for art.

Provocation after provocation, contemporaneity has exhausted its power to shock and if it is to be of use once more art has to rediscover a capacity for inventing and narrating stories, recovering that essential cocktail of simplicity and brilliance that underlies human creativity.

“Anybody anywhere in the worlds understands this gesture. The object, whatever it is in the hand of the child, becomes a universe of thoughts, the beginning of a story, of a journey that the child will undertake while almost lying on the ground, practically without moving. This is the destiny of art. Leading us into a story, allowing us to begin a journey without ever having to move.”

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