Thursday 28 September 2017 ore 18:00 - ore 19:30

Poetry of thought. Space refound.Modernity as a complex concept: memories and traditions of the future inspired by the work of Alfredo Giuliani

MAXXI Piazza – admittance free subject to availability of places
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Three events alternating poems and essays, critical interventions and reflections, based on the works on show in the MAXXI piazza.

Philosophers and writers, academics and poets analyse the creative idioms of the XX century and contemporaneity

In the first event the ways in which the tradition of thought and experimentation in poetry reach a fertile meeting point, while originating from what are considered to be discrete areas.

The discussion takes its cue from the grandiose installation by Elisabetta Benassi, Mareo Merz – the fishing boat that has caught a car – which “leads us to discover that which time has sedimented in things, not just visible traces of the processes of transformation of matter, but the spirit of things given to them by those who have possessed them or simply experienced them for brief periods”.

Dario Evola Professor of Aesthetics, Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome
Giorgio Biferali writer and cultural journalist
Luca Archibugi writer
Barbara Drudi Professor of History of Art, Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence

Introduced by
Luca Archibugi and Giorgio Patrizi curators of the series

Presentation and reading of texts curated by Veronica Zucchi:
Texts by Antonin Artaud
Aspettando i barbari (1908) by Konstantinos Kavafis
Il Dio abbandona Antonio (1910) by Konstantinos Kavafis
Vaniloquio (1975) by Jorge Luis Borges
Piogge (1943) by Saint John Perse
Texts by Italo Calvino

an event curated by Luca Archibugi and Giorgio Patrizi
in collaboration with Chiara Iuliucci

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