Interno del Teatrino Scientifico di via Sabotino, Parco Centrale, 1979 credit: Archivio Purini - Thérmes
Tuesday 27 June 2017 ore 19:30 - ore 21:00

Estate Romana 40 years on

MAXXI Piazza – admittance free

40 years after the first Basilica of Maxentius event
MAXXI reprising the Estate Romana

An opportunity for debate with some of the protagonists and followers of that season, commemorating how at the beginning of that summer in 1977, the urban landscape of Rome changed suddenly, transforming by some strange enchantment into a sequence of places in which film, poetry, art and music set the scene for a collective public and participatory “street” experience.

Since then and for many years that followed, the Estate Romana has nourished the idea of ephemeral architecture as a means of transforming the city

Nicolini’s project mobilized the finest creative youth of the time and soon managed to change perception of urban public space through non-permanent architecture and through the public nature of the arts.

Alberto Abruzzese sociologist and writer
Achille Bonito Oliva art critic and curator
Cecilia Canziani art critic and curator
Andrea Cortellessa literary critic and architectural historian
Daniela Lancioni art critic and curator
Marilù Prati coordinator of the activities valorizing the Nicolini archive
Franco Purini architect

Introduced and moderated by
Pippo Ciorra Senior Curator, MAXXI Architettura

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