Wednesday 26 July 2017 ore 20:00 - 22:30

L’estate di Renato: Nicolini’s other Rome

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance € 5
curated by Mario Sesti

An extraordinary journey through the 1970s by way of stories of people, phenomena and movements, with films and eye-witness accounts

The emergence from the ‘years of lead’, the rediscovery of the city as a set or stage, the culture of the commonplace civilization, the revitalisation of archaeology by modernity; the eye and the intellectual and political design of Renato Nicolini in the late Seventies, which became a cultural model with infinite attempts at imitation, are the most evident sign of the capital from the times of the Dolce Vita – and today have the flavour of an unrepeatable era.
The screening of the film by Matteo Garrone will be followed by a seminar with protagonists and eye-witnesses.

Estate Romana by Matteo Garrone

Matteo Garrone film director, screenwriter and producer
Simone Paragnani screenwriter and director
Patrizia Sacchi actor

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