Monday 19 October 2015 ore 19:00 - 21:00

Odissea nuda by Franco Rossi

MAXXI Auditorium
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The 10th Rome Film Fest comes back as a great party. For ten days, the building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano will be its centre but not only. The Fest will involve the rest of the Capital city and the MAXXI museum as well.

Odissea nuda
di Franco Rossi
(Italy, France, 1961, 120 min.)

An Italian intellectual travels to Tahiti to shoot a film. But his work soon begins to take second place to the primordial instincts that this land stirs up in him. Far from his origins, he is soon overtaken by a desire to flee from civilization, to live a primitive life filled with erotic experiences. But his search for a serene state of nature is interrupted by the news of a death. And his everyday life on that remote island appears less and less idyllic.

Event of the Omaggi Section at Rome Film Fest.

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