Friday 16 October 2015 ore 18:00 - 19:45

Watatu by Nick Reding

MAXXI Auditorium
Ticket 5 €

The 10th Rome Film Fest comes back as a great party. For ten days, the building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano will be its centre but not only. The Fest will involve the rest of the Capital city and the MAXXI museum as well.

by Nick Reding
(Kenya, 2015, 88′)

The film comes to us from Kenya, courtesy of a company that specializes in bringing the country’s tribal and religious conflicts to the screen. Old friends Yusuf and Salim meet again in Mombasa, where Yusuf now works as a policeman. But a nephew of Salim’s who has embraced a radical Islamist community out of anger, together with long-standing tribal rivalries, will put the two friends in opposite camps as they face violence and its victims. In the second part of the film, these issues are discussed by the real Kenyan community they affect.

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