Tuesday 20 October 2015 ore 16:30 - ore 18:15

Hiso Hiso Boshi (The Whispering Star) di Sion Sono

Auditorium del MAXXI
Ticket €9,00
20% discount for the museum visitors who show the entrance ticket

The 10th Rome Film Fest comes back as a great party. For ten days, the building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano will be its centre but not only. The Fest will involve the rest of the Capital city and the MAXXI museum as well.

Hiso Hiso Boshi (The Whispering Star)
di Sion Sono
(Giappone, 2015, 101′)

Mankind has fallen drastically in number: 80% of the population are now robots with Artificial Intelligence, and humans have become an endangered species. Machine ID 722 Yoko Suzuki is an android, on board Rental Spaceship Z. With the onboard computer 6-7 MAH Em, she travels from one star system to another, delivering packages to humans: a hat, a pencil, clothes. The android’s job takes her to many desolate planets, cities and beaches. She finds it incomprehensible that humans do not choose the readily available teleporting method, and she speculates that the humans long for things that are separated by time and distance: perhaps it is something that makes their heart race. At Whispering Star, any noise over 30 decibels could kill the residents. Yoko walks around stealthily looking for the addressee.

Event of the Official Selection Section at Rome Film Fest.

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