Tea time con Sofo, Bellosguardo 1968. Fotografia di Cristiano Toraldo di Francia
Thursday 14 July 2016 ore 20:00 - ore 21:30

Superstudio à la mode

A YAP FEST 2016 event
on the occasion of the exhibition Superstudio50
MAXXI Piazza, YAP Space – admittance free subject to availability of places

From tattooing of the naked body to camouflage, from clothing as environmental protection to the socio-economic mechanism of fashion, through to resistance in the form of recycling

A conversation about the construction of clothing with Cristiano Toraldo di Francia in a dialogue with Gabriele Mastrigli, curator of the MAXXI exhibition, and Arthur Arbesser, Art Director of Iceberg.

Known for the strength of its images and the extreme variety of its output, the work of Superstudio has always evaded unequivocal labels. Within the ambit of the MAXXI exhibition that brings together over 200 installations, objects, graphic works, photographs and publications covering the entire career of the Tuscan creative group, the YAP FEST 2016 stage will be hosting two seminars on the issues raised by the exhibition, tackling the theme of architecture and its possible and unexpected facets.

Cristiano Toraldo di Francia Superstudio
Arthur Arbesser Art Director Iceberg

Gabriele Mastrigli curator of the exhibition

Librabiti Students of the RI-VESTIRE course (UNICAM/Quodlibet), for the theme of disguise: Benedetta Bartolini, Elisa Bianchi, Amedeo Mascitti, Roberta Matarrese, Niccolò Passamonti, Benedetta Pocognoli, Lucia Santillo, Silvia Spinozzi, Cristiana Zampolini
ICR of Paolo Silvestri (UNICAM) and “trouble-double” of Chiara Tripodi, for the theme of recycling
UNO of Arianna Bonifazi (UNICAM), for the theme of refuge clothing

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