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Books at MAXXIIl dono di saper vivere by Tommaso Pincio

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A dizzying play of mirrors that surprises and wrong-foots readers, never allowing them to feel secure

Is there a gift of knowing how to live, a special talent for existing in the world, without which any other quality is rendered futile?” And what can you do if you find that you lack that gift?”
Tommaso Pincio

In the prison cell in which he is locked, a man narrates the story of his life. And from the depths of his despair, he interrogates himself about the meaning of knowing how to live, about whether there really is any one with a similar talent. A talent lacked even by Caravaggio, the artist about whom the man is obsessed.

This is the key to the new book by Tommaso Pincio, one of the most original Italian writers of his generation. While this is not a novel about Caravaggio, it is perhaps the most enthusiastic, innovative portrait of the painter ever produced. It is neither a work of fiction nor an autobiographical text. It is a moving attempt to confess the doomed and anti-heroic enterprise living is for all of us.

Bartolomeo PietromarchiMAXXI Art Director

Tommaso Pincio author
Andrea Cortellessa literary critic and literary historian