Friday 18 September 2015 ore 20:30 - 22:30

Ben KinmontAn Exhibition in Your Mouth

Settembrini Libri e Cucina – Roma, Piazza Martiri di Belfiore; prior booking
Euro 55.00; tickets may be purchased online or at MAXXI ticket office – maximum number of participants 45 

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A real dinner where each course is a work of art designed to be eaten

The project An Exhibition in Your Mouth has been conceived as a dinner composed of dishes based on recipes created by artists over a period of six decades, each dish being a work designed to be eaten.
Among others, the menu features Aerofood (1931) an antipasto by Luigi Colombo Fillia, Steak tartare (1961) by Marcel Duchamp, the Basque Bass (1971) from Food by Gordon Matta-Clark, cucumber salad (1977) by Louise Bourgeois and Specific Cheese (2009) by Nicolas Boulard, the dish based on Forms Derived from a Cube (1982) by Sol LeWitt.
Reservations are essential for this dinner open to a maximum of 45 participants (tickets may be purchased online www.fondazionemaxxi.it or at the MAXXI ticket office) that begins with the arrival at the restaurant and concludes with the consumption of delicacies conceived by some of the greatest artists in recent history. These are diverse episodes in which the artist, the chef and the public are all equally part of an unusual collaborative action that overturns the conventional notion of authorship and the role of the institution, encouraging it to be more agile and open.
All participants in the dinner will be given a limited edition, commemorative menu made by the artist.

Tickets include complimentary entrance at MAXXI from September 18th to 30th