Dynamis, ADAGIO, 2015. Photo credit Fabio Cameli. Courtesy Dynamis
Wednesday 23 September 2015 ore 18:00 - 19:00

Dynamis. Adàgio

Museum Piazza – admittance free

“The orange is an almost perfect object in which you find absolute consistency between form, function and consumption”
Bruno Munari

Based on Munari’s text Good Design (1998), Adagio represents a collection attempt to construct a moment in which the present is infinite, celebrating the orange as an almost perfect object.

In this era of selfies, smartphones and consumerism, we are all living an attempt to freeze time, unaware that we are thus distancing ourselves from the moment we would like to preserve. Adagio is a choral attempt at anchorage in the present.

40 performers will occupy a defined and circumscribed space-time as they search for the essence of the everyday, in a gesture, a contemplative action that breaches the threshold of the imagination.