Michele Sambin, Il tempo consuma,
Wednesday 11 October 2017 ore 18:00 - ore 20:00

Artist Film Stories.Out of the corner of your eye Italian artist film: contexts, idioms, devices | with Bruno Di Marino

Video Gallery – admittance € 5
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A series of lectures dedicated to Italian artist film and video from the ’60s through to the present day on the occasion of the artapes season

Four seminars with four different academics exploring a number of themes and aspects of the relationship between artists and moving images, from the historical-artistic context to the political and performative point of view, from contaminations between the cinematic and the electronic media and through to the found-footage procedure.

When it was born, in what context did it develop and what did artist film represent in Italy from the Sixties? In the first lecture, the moving image historian and curator Bruno Di Marino attempts to respond to these questions, focusing on certain episodes predating the underground season and tackling the issue of the relationships with the international output of the time.
Bruno Di Marino. A historian of the moving image and curator, since 1989 he has developed a particular interest in audio-visual experimentation. He is currently a lecturer in Theory and Methods of the Mass Media at the Frosinone Academy of Fine Arts.