Gianni Toti, Gramsciategui.
Thursday 14 December 2017 ore 18:00 - ore 20:00

Artist Film Stories.Mixed media. Film and video | with Sandra Lischi

Video Gallery – admittance € 5
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A series of lectures dedicated to Italian artist film and video from the ’60s through to the present day on the occasion of the artapes season

Four seminars with four different academics exploring a number of themes and aspects of the relationship between artists and moving images, from the historical-artistic context to the political and performative point of view, from contaminations between the cinematic and the electronic media and through to the found-footage procedure.

In the final seminar, starting out from the context of the 1960s when there was a overlapping in artistic production of film and the new video recording technology, Sandra Lischi develops a series of reflections and stories, accompanied by extracts from works, regarding the handover between the celluloid and electronic images in Italy. The two media coexist or collide and confront one another in bursts of technological euphoria, the rehabilitation of craft techniques, changes in the ways of looking, in durations, in spectatorial postures, in the economies and ecologies that modify the panorama of moving images.
Sandra Lischi. Teaches at the University of Pisa. In the field of video art she invented “Ondavideo” in Pisa and codirects “Invideo” in Milan. From the 1970s onwards she has published articles and books on electronic art and experimental film and has curated reviews and held conferences and seminars in various countries around the world.

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