Special Projects

Leggere lo spazio / Reading the space

Learn to read the space that surrounds us to imagine new shared configurations.

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An international conference on education to the built environment, designed for architecture students and architects, teachers from schools of all levels and types, museum educators and professionals from the culture and education sectors.

Architectural education is one of the areas in which MAXXI’s education department has acquired in-depth experience, starting out with the construction of the extraordinary building by Zaha Hadid itself and thanks to activities and experimental projects involving the construction site and modern and contemporary architecture in general. The objective of these activities has been to render the architectural language familiar to a non-specialist public.

This conference – the first edition of a series with the second scheduled for the spring of 2020 – was conceived with the aim of offering an overview of the best international practices within the ambit of architectural education, in order to understand the architectural landscape that surrounds us, raise awareness of our everyday existence and contribute to actively defining its qualitative and relational characteristics.

Through direct contact with the professional figures responsible for innovative projects for diverse publics, providing examples from which to draw inspiration, the conference proved to be an invaluable opportunity for debate regarding educational approaches, design methodologies and practical tools for “helping us to understand the spatial essence of architecture, so that everyone is capable of truly seeing the environments in which they spend much of their existence.”