Wednesday 18 October 2017 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Presentation of Francesco Guccini and Loriano Macchiavelli’s book.Tempo da elfi

Carlo Scarpa hall – free entrance until full capacity

The great songwriter-poet and one of the masters of Italian noir present their latest book at the MAXXI

Although nothing ever happens in Casedisopra, something has changed. Young boys and girls who call themselves “Elves” have been visiting the village. They don colourful clothes, wear hand-woven leather sandals, and sell forest and farming products; they live in small isolated mountain communities, with no electricity; they barter, and accommodate anyone who knocks at their door, without asking questions. Will they take care of the increasingly neglected and deserted Apennine area, now that the State Forestry Corps is about to be reabsorbed by the Carabinieri? No sooner does State Forestry Corps inspector Marco Gherardini, aka Poiana, ask himself this question, than he hears two gunshots, at a time when not even hunters are allowed to fire. Shortly after, a corpse is found at the foot of a cliff: a young elf, apparently.

Two gunshots in the wood. The footprints of a wolf. A feral girl. Not even in the mountains can you rest easy…

Francesco Guccini songwriter and writer
Loriano Macchiavelli writer and screenwriter