SILVIA CAMPORESI Curon, 2015, courtesy Galleria del Cembalo / Z2O Sara Zanin Gallery
Tuesday 12 July 2016 ore 20:00 - ore 21:30

Talk Like a PhotographerSilvia Camporesi

A YAP FEST 2016 event
on the occasion of the exhibition Extraordinary Visions. L’Italia ci guarda
MAXXI Piazza, YAP Space
Individual admittance € 5,00 – admittance to 5 seminars € 20,00 – free for myMAXXI cardholders
Ticket purchasers may take advantage of a reduced price museum entrance for one week following issue

What are the stories and the anecdotes that lie behind a photo?

A series of seminars in which the great protagonists of contemporary Italian photography reveal the work that lies behind a painstakingly composed photo or one captured in the blink of an eye.

In the second appointment we meet Silvia Camporesi, able to give new life with her shots of uninhabited places, in conversation with Marinella Paderni, editor of the book Atlas Italiae (2016, ed. Peliti Associati). In the exhibition a series of shots of an Italy that is evoked through the places of the collective memory of the country.

 “This action, borrowed from the history of photography, has changed my relationship with places: it is no longer a quick photographic reproduction, but an appropriation of the ruins obtained thanks to the working time dedicated to each image”. Silvia Camporesi

The objective of her project is not that of a documentary, but is instead born out of a process of personalization and appropriation of the places visited: for this reason she uses a technique featuring black and white prints hand coloured using soft, easy to blend pastels.

Marinella Paderni contemporary art critic
Silvia Camporesi photographer