Giovanni Gastel, Roma, 2008, courtesy Photo & Contemporary Torino
Tuesday 4 October 2016 ore 18:30 - 20:00

Talk Like a PhotographerGiovanni Gastel

A YAP FEST 2016 event
on the occasion of the exhibitionExtraordinary Visions. L’Italia ci guarda
Guido Reni Hall
Single ticket € 5.00 – admittance to five meetings €20.00 – free for myMAXXI cardholders
Ticket purchasers may take advantaged of reduced price museum entrance for one week following issue

What are the stories and anecdotes that lie behind a photo?

A series of seminars in which the great protagonists of Italian contemporary photography reveal that work that lies behind a painstakingly composed photo or one captured in the blink of an eye.

In the fifth event we meet Giovanni Gastel, who in a 40-year career has accompanied the world of international fashion with an ironic, surreal and elegant style. A passion for photography with distant roots in poetry and the passage from words to images through his work as a photographer with Christie’s auction house in the 1970s. The tuning point came in 1981 when Carla Ghiglieri, then his agent, introduced him to the world of fashion: from that moment his career intensified with new clients from Italy and elsewhere, above all Paris, that permitted him to hone his unmistakeable style and develop a dialectic between the vitality of the bodies and the compositional equilibrium of the forms.

In the works of Giovanni Gastel the construction of the image, proportioned both in terms of the geometries of the spaces and the calibration of light and colour, is a constant that has origins in his passion for art.

If his still lifes are therefore clearly inspired by Pop Art, his study of Renaissance art and the atmosphere of his infancy guide him in his search for an ideal of elegance and proportion as seen in the three shots exhibited, created by Gastel in 2008 in the aquatics centre designed by Costantino Costantini for the Foro Mussolini in Rome.

Giovanni Gastel photographer

Giuseppe Di Piazza journalist, photographer and writer