08 November 2022 > 13 November 2022

videogallery: REPLAY THE FUTURE

videogallery – free admittance
curated by Manuel Cirauqui

Questioning the relationships between research, artistic production and epochal prescience, the works of : REPLAY THE FUTURE span multiple directions and are like reminders of challenges we are still facing and risks lurking in the post-pandemic period. Challenges, risks, global issues involving new forms of digital exploitation born out of the population’s emotional deficit during the lockdown, the use of technology as an engine of social justice and truth-seeking in response to ongoing wars and ecocide, the digital economy, quantum computation as a generator of prophecies we have yet to decipher.

Forensic Architecture | Markos Kay | Hayoun Kwon | Daito Manabe, MIKIKO, TAKCOM, ELEVENPLAY e Rhizomatiks Research | Elisa Giardina Papa | Hamill Industries, Junior Martínez e Floating Points | Lucy McRae

The film screening retraces the history of the S+T+ARTS Prizes, as part of the European Commission’s activities to promote the synergy between science, technology and art, and serves as a counterpoint to the exhibition : REWILD by highlighting the urgency that pervades our daily lives where issues related to the environment, geopolitics and the intimate sphere are increasingly intermingled..

header: Hayoun Kwon, 489 Years, 2016, film still | Courtesy the artist