Friday 27 March 2015

The Islamic garden

Three days of seminars, music and readings on the occasion of the exhibition Unedited History. Iran 1960 – 2014

Architecture, poetry and literature
from contemporary Iran

From Forugh Farrokhzad, the “voice” of Iranian poetry who has embodied the unease of an era of transformation through absolutely non-conformist personal and artistic choices, to the pages of a literature that allows us to comprehend the evolution of the Iranian society of today with more immediacy than any socio-political analysis and through to a view of the unchanging element of the landscape and the spirit of the Iranian plateau: the Islamic garden.

Friday 27 March, 17.00
The Islamic garden
Archives Centre – admittance free

The Persian garden is one of the first and most experimental prototypes from which both the western and Arabic gardens derive. The representation of the cosmos and a vision of nature of close harmony with the landscape, in total contrast with the approach of Le Nôtre at Versaiiles, becomes a point of departure from which the ancient Islamic landscape tradition develops.

Franco Zagari Professor of Landscape Architecture, La Sapienza University, Rome
Annalisa Metta Researcher in landscape Architecture, Roma Tre University
Samaneh Nickayin Landscape Architect

Saturday 28 March, 17.00 | I’ll hang two red cherries from my ears
Sunday 29 March, 17.00 | Reading Iran

A project curated by Felicetta Ferraro, Associazione culturale Ponte33
The exhibition Unedited History. Iran 1960 – 2014 and the collateral events have been made possible thanks to the support of Hormoz Vasfi