The Flying Gardeners di Giacomo Boeri e Matteo Grimaldi
Saturday 8 April 2017 ore 14:30 - ore 19:00

The Histories of Architecture. Shooting the cityMilan: The city rises

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curated by Milano Design Film Festival

Four encounters with auteur cinematography recounting the spirit of New York, Tokyo, Milan and London, global urban and architectural poles.

The programme of screenings flanks the series of lectures The Histories of Architecture. The Cities of the World with historical, poetic, analytic and inquiring gazes. Highlighting certain identifying traits of the cities and emphasising the most recent contemporary transformations as well as those with deeper roots that have determined their current spirit, the documentaries present a remarkably varied and complete overview.

Milan: The city rises
The reference is to the title of the Futurist painting by Umberto Boccioni: at its centre, the construction sites of an evolving Milan and the myth of progress. Since then, the urban evolution of the Lombard capital has experienced alternate phases with constant drive towards verticalization that has over the last few decades resulted in the construction of new areas in the heart of the city and new impulses fuelled by Expo 2015.

H 14:30 Milano Update, directed by Francesco Fei, Italy 2015, 41’
H 15:30 The Flying Gardeners, directed by Giacomo Boeri, Matteo Grimaldi, Italy 2015, 9’
H 15:45 Theater of Life (Il Refettorio), directed by Peter Svatek, Canada 2016, 93’