Saturday 8 April 2017 ore 11:30 - 13:00

The Histories of Architecture. The Cities of the WorldListen to your city heart. Milan and its vocation for the contemporary | with Luca Molinari

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance €5; ticket purchasers are entitled to reduced price admittance to the museum (€ 8) within one week of issue
€4 for myMAXXI cardholders; special myMAXXI carnet for four lectures €12

From architecture to planning, four lectures for four cities: Tokyo, Milan, London and New York recounted through their social, cultural, economic and political contexts

For the second edition of The Histories of Architecture academics working in the field will be discussing through a stratigraphic reading of contemporary architecture and planning the social, cultural, economic and political contexts of Tokyo, Milan, London and New York, presenting an image as variegated and complete as possible of these four international architectural poles.

The city of Milan has made of its constant and obsessive dialogue with a changeable idea of modernity its identifying feature over the last two centuries.
Its metropolitan area has been one of the most important “Laboratories of the Modern” for recent Italian architectural culture, immediately establishing a dialogue the symbolic imagery, the social and economic system and the most advanced artistic research with the physical form of the city.

The Histories of Architecture project has been produced thanks to the support of MINI, a MAXXI Public Programs Partner