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Thursday 26 May 2022 ore 18:00 - 20:00

round tableMetaverse, Artificial Intelligence and the Museum

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free admission subject to availability
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We are in the midst of an extraordinary global digital revolution: how are museums and artists coping with it?

Digital tools design a new world, multiplying and expanding forms of relationships, communication, creative production and access to knowledge. As a result, we face the ever-growing challenge of imagining the future immersed in a world, now more than ever, in rapid and constant change.

How does the way of valuing, preserving, producing art and critical thinking change in this digital present? MAXXI invites important Italian and international institutions’ representatives in dialogue with some of the main protagonists of the What a Wonderful World exhibition project to answer these questions and to reflect together on the future of culture and art by looking at the new horizons and boundaries of truth and reality that the metaverse and artificial intelligence are reconfiguring.

Giovanna Melandri Fondazione MAXXI President

Bartolomeo Pietromarchi MAXXI ArteDirector
Oriana Persico artist and founder of the research centre HER: She Loves Data

round table
Daniel Birnbaum Acute Art Director, London
Ilaria Bonacossa National Museum of Digital Art Director, Milan
Simon Denny artist
Carsten Höller artist
Jon Rafman artist

Valentino Catricalà SODA Gallery Curator, Manchester