Courtesy Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti 
Tuesday 3 December 2019 ore 18:00 - ore 20:00

Lezioni Olivettiane®. Adriano Olivetti’s designers.Graphic design with Vanni Pasca

Carlo Scarpa hall – € 5 
carnet for three meetings € 10
10 individual seats free and reserved for myMAXXi cardholders by writing to, by the day before the event

Three meetings dedicated to advertising graphics, interior design, product design, and all creatives who have made the image of the Ivrea factory famous throughout the world.

The third cycle of the project created in collaboration with the Adriano Olivetti Foundation comes to the MAXXI. In the panorama of Italian and world industry, Adriano’s Olivetti has become the emblem of Made in Italy, and stands out for its corporate style based on technological excellence, innovation, quality, and design, respect for the market but also its strong commitment to art and culture, to sensitivity towards social problems and the constant improvement of the relationship with employees and the territory, in an extraordinary balance between design, society, and technology.

Graphic Design
with Vanni Pasca

During the years when Adriano Olivetti was its Director and President, the Olivetti Company constantly improved the quantity and quality of its products, turnover, and profits (both in Italy and abroad) as well as the number of employees and factories. This commercial success was based both on the quality of the products and on effective advertising and innovative design.

In fact, numerous Olivetti products of those years have earned international fame and have become parts of permanent museum collections. This is the case of the MOMA that, in 1952, hosted the Olivetti: Design in Industry exhibition, with the aim of encouraging American entrepreneurs to follow the example of the Italian company, a leader in communicating a style rather than a product. The Olivetti image is a global project that includes design, architecture, environment, and publishing. It is not only aimed at the outside world but starts from the inside. A style and overall value that we now call Made in Italy.

Pippo Ciorra MAXXI Architettura Senior Curator
Beniamino de’ Liguori Carino General Secretary of the Adriano Olivetti Foundation
Gaetano di Tondo VP, Olivetti External and Institutional Relations Director

Vanni Pasca architect and design historian

Vanni Pasca is a Professor of Design Theories and history, president of the Degree course in design and coordinator of the Doctorate in Industrial Design at the University of Palermo. His books include, Manuale di Storia del Design (with Domitilla Dardi), Silvana Ed., 2019.