By Noam Weiner
Wednesday 1 March 2017 - Sunday 5 March 2017

Design in the Middle

Sala Guido Reni

An interdisciplinary workshop lasting five days offering a selected group of architects, designers and artists from the Middle East the opportunity to work together for the first time. The “Middle” in question is the Middle East and the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, emphasising the strong geopolitical nature of the project.

Professionals from the Middle East with direct experience in the field will meet to develop innovative proposals for their homelands.

During the workshop, the participants will be divided into five groups: each group will have creative instruments for the planning of innovative solutions for long-standing issues such as frontier disputes, water resources, freedom of movement, religious diversity, linguistic barriers, the exchange of information and cultural interchange.
The ideas emerging from the workshop will be published in a catalogue and presented in a touring exhibition.

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An initiative curated by the Fondazione MAXXI and School of Redesign in collaboration with the Fondazione Baruchello and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.