Foto © Musacchio, Ianniello & Pasqualini
Saturday 9 November 2019 - Sunday 10 November 2019

Living Science.From the extreme to outer space

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo hall, Carlo Scarpa hall and Galleria 2
free admission until full capacity
some of the activities can
 be accessed only by booking on the website

A weekend filled with scientific dissemination dedicated to the relationship between architecture and science.

MAXXI and ScienzaInsieme propose a weekend dedicated to the various forms of ‘living’ science.

What does ‘living’ science mean? It means living, studying and exploring with the aim of  delving into new possibilities.

According to science, ‘extreme living’ is a usual concept. It has to do with places that are often hostile to man and difficult to reach, but that due to their peculiarities represent excellent laboratories, where researchers from all over the world and from different disciplines can access a set of information that would be impossible to obtain elsewhere. Hence, we find experiments and researches conducted in the large region of Antarctica or the Arctic or in remote Astronomical Observatories, located in desert environments and completely isolated from the known civilisation. Because the desire to explore, learn and do science, sometimes, goes beyond the known Earth, looking for other places suitable for life: in an attempt to …‘Inhabiting the outer space’.

Astronomers have long been looking for other worlds, other Earths, other lives. To this day we know that almost all stars have at least one planet. But among these, are there planets that can accommodate life? Are we alone in the Universe? And what are the challenges ahead for the future?

Two exhibition-experiential paths that through images and tools coming from the most fascinating missions, will tell us a story filled with passion, life, difficulties, results and, sometimes, defeats … A journey, to savour together with researchers, an alive and powerful desire to write new pages of science.


Saturday, November 9
11:30 am Colonizzazione umana su Luna e Marte: sogno o futuro prossimo?
2:30 pm Vita esotica sulla Terra e ricerca di vita nel Sistema Solare  
4 pm Un futuro possibile sugli esopianeti
from 5:30 pm you can observe the sky with telescopes in the MAXXI square, curated by INAF – OAR

Sunday, November 10
5:30 pm Un, due, tre stella! (conference/show)

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“Living science” is a MAXXi and ScienzaInsieme project

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