Vista da Monte Mario verso il Flaminio con il Ponte della Musica, il Museo MAXXI e l'Auditorium Parco della Musica
Wednesday 2 October 2019 ore 18:30 - 20:00

Books at MAXXIArchitectural Guide. Rome by Marina Kavalirek

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo hall – free admittance until full capacity
10 individual seats reserved for myMAXXI cardholders writing to by the day before the event

A fully-fledged guide for architecture aficionados, on top of experts and architects

Differently from the numerous publications on the architecture of contemporary Rome, this guide does not dwell upon the debate on Modern and Rationalist Rome, but rather focuses on the present and the future of the city. The author, who is not from Rome, provides and “external” point of view that is able to unveil many of the surprises and peculiarities of the city. Rome participates in the international debate on contemporary Architecture in a unique way, that of a city which does best when taking stock of its past and history.

The guide accompanies the reader through the various architectures found in the neighbourhoods of Rome, tracing itineraries dotted with personal suggestions as to architecturally and urbanistically interesting food courts, in accordance with the habits and needs of contemporary visitors.

Margherita Guccione Direttore MAXXI Architettura

Alessandro Franchetti Pardo architect

Aldo Aymonino Iuav University, Venice
Mosè Ricci Trento University
Giuseppe Pullara Corriere della Sera
Marina Kavalirek architect, author of the book

In collaboration with DOM Publishers

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