UNPACKED is an agile and fresh think tank for a wide range of creative activities including  architecture, urban planning, exhibition design, photography, design and communication.  UNPACKED aims to be a cross-fertilizing  common ground for speculations over the urban condition of the contemporary globalized metropolis,  with no prejudice on medium and expressive languages.  The office, based in Rome, started in 2005 and is currently driven by Daniele Mancini and Irene Rinaldi with the help of numbers of curious collaborators.
Daniele Mancini, (Roma, 1974), architect, PhD in Theory of Architecture,  is involved in teaching activities at the the School of Architecture in Roma La Sapienza and at European Institute of Design IED Roma where he also coordinates the Interaction Design group.
Irene Rinaldi , (Roma, 1975), architect, specialized in photography, trained in Italy and Spain, is involved in teaching activities at First School of Architecture in Roma La Sapienza.

UNPACKED, Floating City, Urban Fields 2 (Gennaio 2009), esperimento self made di architettura gonfiabile sotto il viadotto di Corso Francia a Roma