Romano, Luciano

Photographer and architect, Luciano Romano (Naples, 1958) began taking photographs for the theatre and while he soon moved into other sectors this imprinting had a significant effect on his later work dealing with architecture, landscape and urban space: “Theatre and photography have much in common because, for example, within the circumscribed space of the frame or the stage one tends to translate reality in a symbolic, metaphorical and narrative manner and one tries to arouse emotions through a synthesis of art and knowledge”. “Photographing in the deepest and most complete sense of the term entails recounting complex sensations through images, capturing the attention of the observer, sparking an emotion that is dormant within him, reawakening his awareness… My intention is to exploit a series of forms latent in the subjects, highlighting them and rendering them vibrant and immediately perceptible, in an attempt to create an idiom inspired by visual signs but referring to the emotive sphere.”  (L. Romano, interview, in Sguardi on line, on