Dedicated to those who would like to inform themselves before visiting the museum, to those who have already been and would like to know more and to those to decide to plan their visit independently.

What are they?
Detailed, in-depth educational files on the artists represented in the collection and their works.

How are they used?
Each file is divided into three sections. “Context and Works” provides an introduction to the work of the artist, from their education to the most recent pieces. “Points for reflection” poses a number of questions that invite the reader to reflect on the works and find answers by using the information provided by the file itself, by visiting the museum and by finding ties with their personal experience. “Connections” instead suggests links with works in the permanent collection.

The MAXXIzOOm files have been prepared by the Education Department in collaboration with a group of students from Museum and Territorial Education course of the Department of Art and Theatrical History of La Sapienza University, Rome: Marta Angelini, Maria Grazia Battista, Mary Louisa Benigno, Valeria Canfarini, Irene Cellamare, Cecilia De Filippis, Valeria Di Biase, Cristina Ferrara, Serena Ficarola, Rosalba Fusco, Laura Giovannangeli, Rosanna Lista, Serena Maffucci, Sara Magistro, Francesco Maglione, Rossella Natale, Mariella Pasotto, Daniela Petrucci, Viviana Quattrini, Serena Silvi, Federica Tardani, Giulia Tolino.