Valerio Aprea © Angelo Trani
Thursday 9 July 2015 ore 21:00 - ore 22:30

The art of the story.Valerio Aprea e Daunia Orchestra – Gola e altri pezzi brevi di Mattia Torre

This event is part of YAP FEST 2015
MAXXI Piazza, Spazio YAP – admittance free

Three evenings devoted to the unique emotions
aroused by the voice of an actor telling an enthralling story
and the magic of live music

The dialogue between diverse forms and expressions of art intertwines with that between contemporaneity and tradition: the oldest of the forms of art and communication, the theatre of the word, is immersed in an original dimension thanks to the music and is hosted in the installation Great Land, winner of the Young Architects Program 2015.

Gola e altri pezzi brevi

The short season is inaugurated with texts by Mattia Torre read by Valerio Aprea and music performed by the Daunia Orchestra.

A ruthless, exhilarating show
that photographs a country gripped by an atavistic hunger
and inexorably consecrated to deception and lies

Three monologues taken from the collection In mezzo al mare (2012) that mark the return to the stage of Valerio Aprea and Mattia Torre, a duo who have worked together for some years and who the general public may recognise as the “fake” and “real” scriptwriters of the successful TV series Boris.
They are joined by the Daunia Orchestra, a group with no less than four CDs to its name and a project focussing on the rejuvenation of the popular Pugliese traditions through a rereading in a jazz and contemporary key of popular and folk texts.

The Daunia Orchestra is composed of:
Umberto Sangiovanni (pianoforte)
Stefano Nunzi (double bass)
Marta Colombo (voice)