Una foto dell'attore e regista Edoardo Leo
Edoardo Leo © Gianluca Saragò
Friday 17 July 2015 ore 21:00 - ore 22:30

The art of the story.Edoardo Leo – Let me tell you a story

This event is part of YAP FEST 2015
MAXXI Piazza, Spazio YAP – admittance free

Three evenings devoted to the unique emotions
aroused by the voice of an actor telling an enthralling story
and the magic of live music

The dialogue between diverse forms and expressions of art intertwines with that between contemporaneity and tradition: the oldest of the forms of art and communication, the theatre of the word, is immersed in an original dimension thanks to the music and is hosted in the installation Great Land, winner of the Young Architects Program 2015.

Let me tell you a story – semi-serious and tragicomic readings

In the second event in the series, the actor Edoardo Leo lends his voice to a collection of monologues and short stories by famous international authors and pieces written by Leo himself and other contemporary writers.

Cross sections of varied humanity,
that make us laugh and think,
that stage the comedy of life

With the musical improvisations of Jonis Bascir, the readings change form and contents every time according to the space and the occasion; for YAP Fest the public will be presented with three stories with different “formats”:
MAXXI with “L’avventura di un soldato”, the first chapter in Gli amori invisibili by Italo Calvino. Irony, eroticism and the levity of the story of a trip by train through the eyes of one of the greatest Italian writers become irresistibly entertaining.
Medium with “Non sono venuto a far discorsi”, by Gabrielo Garcia Marquez, a reflection on the oral story narrated by the great Gabo in 1970 at the University of Bogotà in his Colombia.
Small with a short story by Achille Campanile.