Thursday 1 January 1970 -

An exhibition celebrating the centenary of the BNL

4 July – 29 September 2013
MAXXI – Spazio D
curated by Francesco Bonami and Emanuela Mazzonis

The sea is my land. Artists of the Mediterranean is an exhibition promoted by the BNL Group BNP Paribas to celebrate its centenary.
The undisputed star of the show is the Mediterranean, understood not only as a geographical area, but above all the link between diverse civilizations; a territory of cultural dialogue where art, with its autonomous language, overcomes social barriers, religious pluralism and ethnic diasporas to favour peaceful communication between the peoples involved.

The project sees the works of 22 emerging artists brought together the same number of different countries. Through as series of photographs and videos an artistic reconnaissance of three continents is conducted (Europe, Asia and Africa) and touches of the themes of the dialogue between diverse peoples sharing this remarkable area.

Around 150 works and an international jury choosing on the basis of originality and artistic merit a winner that will be purchased by the bank and added to its art collection of around 5,000 works.

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