MAXXI Arte Collezione – Tridimensionale

23 February – 23 September 2012
Gallery 3

MAXXI Arte introduces a new presentation of its collection that reflects on the relationship between space and object, a fundamental point of reference for contemporary artistic research.
From Maurizio Mochetti to Juan Muñoz, from Remo Salvadori to Thomas Schütte and Franz West, Tridimensionale is an exploration of various attempts to both construct form on the basis of a combination of geometric elements and to deconstruct the figure in the round of classical monumental sculpture and repropose it stripped of its celebratory component.

The exhibition highlights Gallery 3’s superimposed terrace configuration: from the highest level focussing on the works of Salvadori, by whom five recent acquisitions are presented, visitors pass to the second terrace with the works of Mochetti and through to the final level with a selection of works by Muñoz, Schütte and West.

Remo Salvadori, Continuo infinito presente, 1985-2007, La stanza dei verticali, 1995-2000. Photo Cecilia Fiorenza

Lucy + Jorge Orta, Fabulae Romanae, 2012. Courtesy gli artisti e Ermenegildo Zegna. Photo Cecilia Fiorenza