Roman Structures. Montuori, Musmeci, Nervi

17 April – 5 October 2014
Architecture Archives Centre Hall
curated by Margherita Guccione and Tullia Iori

A dynamic equilibrium between continuity and innovation: this has Rome transformed into something familiar a number of innovative structures by the most famous engineers of the 20th Century, absorbing them within its millennial process of stratification.

Iconic buildings and points of reference for the city such as Stazione Termini by Eugenio Montuori, the Palazzetto dello Sport and the papal audience hall by Pierluigi Nervi, the bridge on the Appia Antica, the new general market on Via Prenestina and the consolidation of the Basilica of Maxentius by Sergio Musmeci, are just a few of the works chosen to illustrate how even reinforced concrete, when handled by great masters, has contributed to the appeal of the city and stood up to the comparison with its eternal beauty.

On show are a selection of studies, plans, models, drawings, contemporary videos and photographs from the collection relating to the engineers of the 20th Century conserved in the MAXXI Architettura Archives Centre.

Pier Luigi Nervi, Antonio Nervi, Papal Audience Hall, Vatican City, Rome 1963/1971. Photograph, interior view of the construction site