24 October 2014 > 30 November 2014

Open Museum Open City

a cura di Hou Hanru

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Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday last entry at 5:30 pm

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October 24 th, 2014 – November 30th, 2014
curated by Hou Hanru

An exhibition hosted in the entire museum, an extraordinary opportunity to examine some crucial topics of our times by means of “sound”.

The project offers a challenging opportunity to rethink the relationship between artistic production, architectural intervention and participation of the public. It reflects the complex context of the city of Rome, as a contemporary “foro” for urban transformation and social-cultural experiments.

Sound has been playing a key but special role in the exploration of reality,
such a context in order to create a laboratory of an open museum,
a condensed sample of an open city.

From Bill Fontana to Ryoji Ikeda, from Justin Bennet to Cevdet Erek, from Lara Favaretto to Jean-Baptiste Ganne, from Francesco Fonassi to Haroon Mirza, from Philippe Rahm up to RAM radioartemobile: the exhibition will transform the museum into a performative stage for dialogues amongst different voices and claims for new social projects in radical manners by “emptying the building” and filling it with the sounds.

Integral part of the exhibition will be the performative events calendar: music, dance, theatre, cinema, story-telling and poem reading to improvisational gatherings and speaker’s corner style “agitations”.