Friday 23 November 2018 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Dante’s Divine Commedy as told and read by Vittorio Sermonti

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – free entrance whilst places are available

An extraordinary cultural work on an essential text that is at the origin of the Italian language.

A set of audiobooks with cantos from Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, commented and recorded in a studio by Vittorio Sermonti curated and directed by Ludovica Ripa di Meana.

A refined and colloquial prose, both precise and ironic, read from the very beginning – with impudence as if it was read for the first time, and the heart racing as if it was the last

Two years after his death, unpublished content never listened to before finally converge in a reading and listening tool that is accessible to everyone. One publication contains a common heritage from the person that brought Dante to radio microphones, sharing his poetry among people.

Antonio Gnoli, Marino Sinibaldi, Walter Veltroni

With the participation of
Roberto Vellano Minister, Director general for the promotion of Italian Culture and Language, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The set of audiobooks La commedia di Dante raccontata e letta da Vittorio Sermonti is published by Emons Edizioni.