28 May 2014 > 05 October 2014


28 May – 5 October 2014
Gallery 2A
curated by Margherita Guccione, Pippo Ciorra, Maristella Casciato

Aspects, figures and topics of the italian architecture told and interpreted by concepts which form the narrative’s backbone.
It’s the the video installation, produced by MAXXI on the occasion of the opening of the museum in 2010 and realized by Studio Azzurro, back in the museum’s permanent collection.

“A deep journey through three-dimensional landscapes, places and objects meaning
for the history of architecture, engeneering and design.’

Studio Azzurro

The result is a visive story told through eleven interactive images that realize, in a kaleidoscope of images and architectural structures, many routes through the Italian architecture of the second half of the 20th Century through to the present: buildings, authors, concepts, places freely redesigned by Studio Azzurro, which let the observer the chance to construct specific narrations from the general ones.

The animations flow like in a musical score suggesting paths through drawings, photographs, film clips and interviews: the observer has the freedom to reconstruct other routes and specific narrations of the “geographies”.

Geografie Italiane. Schizzi progettuali, Studio Azzurro, 2010