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Haunted Houses. The spirit of domestic architecture

Ever since architects acquired complete confidence in the use of video, their way of observing and describing the home has opened to the search for new sensibilities.
Architecture in video, curated by Image, Is a programme of encounters and screenings that reveals new symbolic aspects of habitation and new design narratives.

24 September
Haunted Houses. The spirit of domestic architecture
MAXXI Piazza, YAP Space – admittance free

The domestic environment is one of the objects of architectural research par excellence. The home has changed under the influence of the new media while remaining an object of comfort, surprise and seduction for those who inhabit it. Ten videos show how architects use video today to describe behaviour, to define paths that stimulate the imagination, to consecrate the space they themselves design to communication and history.

Trixie Zitkowsky production designer
Luca Galofaro architect

Marco Brizzi architect

programmed videos
by Pablo Curto, 2’54”, Spain 2014
The photographer and filmmaker Pablo Curto has chosen Casa Lavene designed by Eduardo Arroyo (No.MAD Arquitectos) as the setting for a short story about the continuous change of points of view.

Re: Adamo Faiden
by Luis Urculo, 15’44”, Spain 2013
The Madrid-based architect, artist and filmmaker Luis Urculo presents the architecture of the Argentinian Adamo-Faiden studio. Various objects belonging to the everyday and domestic sphere unexpectedly come to life, as if animated by a mysterious interior force.

Casa Toluca
by FR-EE, 5’46”, Mexico 2012
The home reflects individual passions, but it may be the case that in order to express themselves these passions have to be experience in the collective dimension. United by a shared passion for football, a group of people share the spaces of Casa Toluca by FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise.

El Espinar house
by Imagen Subliminal, 3’08”, Spain 2013
The worlds contained in fairy tales are shared imaginations. Miguel de Guzmán, designer of Casa Espinar and maker of the video, starts out from this thought and makes the architecture the setting for three recognisable characters.

Elii 0067 Didomestic
by Imagen Subliminal, 3’15”, Spain 2013
This video offers a delicate take on habitation and cleverly interprets the intentions behind Elii arquitectos for the renovation of a loft in Madrid.

Casa Redux
by Gabriel Kogan and Pedro Kok, 4’19”, Brazil 2014
This short film by Pedro Kok and Gabriel Kogan accompanies us as we explore quality architecture, reminds us of the desires projected onto the domestic space and allows us to reflect on the idea of the classical permanence of the modern.

Golden Age – Somewhere
by Paul Nicholls (Factory Fifteen), 5’29”, United Kingdom 2011
On the basis of the input collected during a university course organized by Nic Clear around the reading of texts by James Ballard, Paul Nicholls, Jonathan Gales and Kibwe Tavares began to produce dual purpose urban and architectural scenarios in which the fascination of a future illuminated by progress is flanked by the depiction of more uncertain and ephemeral implications.

Rolling House for the Rolling Society
by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation, 6’06’’, Spain 2009
For Andés Jaque from the Spanish Office for Political Innovation, video is an instrument systematically integrated into his daily work, in order to amplify and render manifest certain aspects of projects such as Rolling House for the Rolling Society, a prototype developed for a habitative dimension focussing on sharing.

The Iceberg
by 11h45, 2’06”, France 2014
This video by 11h45, a French group specialising in the representation of design, adopts the point of view of a seagull for a rapid and effective overview of ‘The Iceberg’ a residential complex in the city of Aarhus.

Palafitos | Four architectural projects for the recovery of a neighborhood
by Pablo Casals Aguirre, 6’00”, Chile 2014
In Castro, on the island of Chiloé, a number of areas of the town are undergoing a phase of rapid change. This video by Pablo Casals Agiurre is a slow exploration of habitation on the threshold between land and sea, in which the daily life of those who live there entwines with the experience of those passing through.

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