Saturday 3 December 2016 ore 11:30 - 13:00

Beyond Drawing with Shahzia Sikander.Talk about miniature with Shahzia Sikander and Anna Melograni

MAXXI Auditorium – tickets 5€ – free for myMAXXI card holders

Five opportunities to get closer to Shahzia Sikander’s works by focusing on several of the themes she explores.

In the presence of Sikander’s works on paper or her majestic video installations we find ourselves in touch with a research for formal purity and the contemporization of the traditional Indo-Persian discipline of miniature painting.

Shahzia Sikander decided to elect to work in the Indo-Persian miniature format in 1988, during her formative years in Lahore, Pakistan. “At that time, there was no interest in the miniature painting department – in fact it was viewed with suspicion” says the artist in a conversation with Ian Berry. The use that Sikander makes of the miniature tradition is radical hence the MAXXI invites Anna Melograni, a scholar in the Italian miniature, to dialogue with Sikander and offer the public an opportunity to learn more about the codes of the Indo-Persian tradition and to retrace their evolution in the artist’s work: the Indo-Persian mythology, the geopolitical issues of our present, the relationship between story /the written word and drawing. All this in dialogue with the tradition of Italian manuscripts more familiar to the Italian audience, or just apparently so.

Shahzia Sikander artist
Anna Melograni art historian

In collaboration with American Academy in Rome and Rhode Island School of Design.